Domas Fort

Domas Fort


The Mountain fort sits on the side of a mountain, Saris the Shardmind created the fort from what we can tell.

The fort is well constructed, straight tunnels and stones laying along the floor. The forst was fully furnished by the Order of the Piercing Light. The fort is residence to roughly 120 members.

The main members of the fort are:

Daraboran Blue Tooth – The head of training and leader of the forces that work with in the Order.

Portis Doomhammer – A younger Dwarf prince who mentors Alexander and assists in the training of new members.

Para’t – A small pixie that lives with in the Order, she is heavily magically inclined and listens mostly to Portis.

Saris The elected leader of the Order. He is a good leader, old and wise. He put together the player group that is making their way through the Cynnder Isles.

Domas Fort

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