Paraous City

Paraous City. The city is the capital of The Cynder Islands. It is fairly large considering the size of the other towns and villages on the islands. It is mostly made of stone, the City is the hub of all trading for the Islands. It has many ports, small and large that allow access to the outter islands and to ports of Car’Tie.

Parous City has been under the occupation of Paramar Troops for a few years now, but due to the city being on the outskirts and getting little resistance the Paramar armies have been focusing on the Dwarven Mountains and taking them.

Because of this the troops stationed at Paraous have turned the city in to a city of bribery, blackmail and betrayal.


The adventures of the Orders Front rushed to Paraous City after Cadmael Falaren mortally wounded himself in the tomb in the Dark Forest.

Kerin has found many parts of the city interesting, finding a very interesting mage Cazartavis’ Sven who she believes will aid her magic. Kerin also had a very strange dream that lead her to have any more questions.

After seeking out the healer Supporting: Jessen, she began to heal Cadmael Falaren. She was caught going into the temple of Avandra, which was forbidden under Paramar rule. Arrested and thrown into the guard tower for holding, everyone decided to break Jessen out. Doing so with a spell they received from Cazartavis’ Sven they left the city and headed out to New Port for a few days to get Jessen somewhere safe.

The Orders Front headed back to Paraous city after leaving New Port and are beginning to find things have changed a bit…

Paraous City

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