The great state of Paramar is a holy state, loyal to Pelor and Erathis. Worship of most the other gods have been outlawed.

Paramesium is the major city of Paramar. Located on the west coast of the province.


Paramar soldiers often wear purple or white depending on their status. Their soldiers are intensely trained and will often be able to take on multiple opponents. Paramar guards favor tactics of constantly attacking the same area on a person. One guard has been known to take on an entire party of adventures.


The Alabaster Seat

The Alabaster Seat is the throne that the King of Paramar sits on. The Throne will react, shining brightly once the heir of the kingdom sits upon it.

If a successor is not produced by the king, there is a very long ritual to bind the seat to a new bloodline. This can only be done if the King himself willingly grants his blessing, or one year after the kings passing with no heir reaching the throne.

King of Paramar

King Jaravar is the current king of Paramar, he is older. His only son had gone missing and still rules due to no heir. Jaravar is to be succeeded by High Lord Darian Adarian if he can not return his heir.

Primary Heads of State

High Lord Darian Adarian leads the Paladins in Paramar. He is second only to the king himself. No one other than the king can instruct the High Lord of Paladins in any way. The High Lord position is so respected, in a case where the King cannot produce a successor to his throne the High Lord will become the new King.

Paladins of Paramar

All soliders that are apart of Paramars army are considered Paladins with atleast basic training in paladinhood.

Those who are unable to complete the training become The Pale and are used for meaningless tasks that require a large amount of force. The Pale can be seen guarding prisoners or moving heavy cargo.

Social Aspects of Paramar

In Paramar the social structure works differently from most of Carla. Social status is heavily enforced and is a line rarely crossed.

Nobel houses tend to remain pure, marrying other noble houses and disowning any of their line that does not.

Paramars social structure is broken up in to 8 classes.


Royality consists of only the noble bloodline, House Durth.

Religious Figures
Religious Figures are the main members of Paramar. Their numbers tend to be few and they’re the most covated positions with in Paramar. They are usually priests of churches, councilpersons or even The High Lord of Paramar.


Nobles are considered to be the highest class, consisting of only prominent members of society. Nobles are only outranked by Religious Figures such as a High Priest or The High Lord of Paramar.


Paladins themselves are broken up in to multiple branches. Typically being designated by the other provinces of Carla as “Purple” and “White” paladins. Although their structure is more complex, typically the term “Purple paladins” is used to refer to the soldiers found over Carla, where as “White Paladins” are generally more elite members or “stronger and more loyal”.

Paladins also have commanders, veterans of war and the most powerful of all Paladins. They answer directly to High Lord Darian Adarian.

High Class

Typically living in the upper spire and with in the gardens of Paramar. High Class typically have some wealth and have some connections. High Class is mostly comprised of merchants or master craftsmen.

There are also many in this class that are previous adventures or simply sitting on wealth.

Middle Class

Typically comprised of average craftsmen and some upper-working class, managers or supervisors. Their housing is typically found in the middle spire away from the gates of Paramar.

Lower Class

The Lower Class is mostly comprised of the working class, average workers such as dockhands, seamstresses or other typical workers.

Poor Class

Comprised of mostly unemployed or those who have been abandoned by their families. The poor class lives with in the Underspire. A place beneath the city out of sight of the general public. This is where many illegal things can be bought with in Paramar as well as finding many races not typically found with in Paramar. Paladins do not venture in the Underspire often and is a great place to hide.


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