Merchant Sellers

The Merchant Sellers is a group divided in to 2 factions, the Craftsmen and the Sellers.

The Craftsmen are primarily comprised of Blacksmiths and all sorts of other men and women who craft goods. Entrance in to the Merchant Sellers is not an easy task, when awarded a seal it signifies your goods are of good quality and you will always buy and sell at a fair price.

The Merchant Sellers is one of the richest organizations with in the Cynder Isles. Having them on the side of the Order would be invaluable, being assisted by their guards and other forces as well as being equipped by their craftsmen.

There is a great deal of animosity with in the Merchant Sellers between the Craftsman and the rift between the two factions could be exploited, perhaps helping one gain control over the other, or uniting the factions.

The merchant sellers are ran by two men Boraks Steelhammer and Traven Dispear.

Merchant Sellers

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