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The Fall of the Light!

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Parties current location
Cynn Island in Paraous City

The story so far…

Our adventurers began on Cynn Island, the largest and most occupied of the islands on the Cynder Isles chain.

Being set up in Domas Fort the group gathered together by Saris. With food supplies no longer arriving the group made their way south to investigate the Fairweather Farm. The group dealt with bandits there and headed south. Meeting up with Quil, the group learnt that Aramys had been captured and was being held south at a fort under the control of Paramar.

The Order’s group, The Orders Front ventures and rescues Aramys and finds the real Anna. Bringing her back to their headquarters.

Needing to gather help for an assault on Paraous to battle the Paramar occupancy, Saris identified 3 major groups. The Merchant Sellers, Cynder Abby of Pelor And the Wizards of the Mage tower on Ashe Island.

Securing the Cynder Abby of Pelor with the aid of Support: Kessa, the group ventured, heading to Paraous City.

Originally coming to a small fishing village the group decided that it was to risky to book passage down the river by boat, seeing the Paramar guards in the city, it quickly became clear that the small village was a crossroads for transport of goods. The party then turned their attention to the Dark Forest.

After stopping at a small Inn along the way, and having a few run in with dangerous creatures the party decided to explore a tomb which lead to the fight of some dangerous creatures and the near death of Cadmael Falaren. Rushing him to Paraous City the group heard of a healer of Avandra who could aid them. Spiros Thalenen ventured to the Temple in Paraous City and found a young Halfling named Supporting: Jessen who agreed to help them. Now only time will tell to see if Cadmael Falaren will survive his injuries or not.

“Just in time… Wait, what? “Hold it right there!”. The yelling could be heard all across the Temple District. Jessen had been caught sneaking back in to the Temple of Avandra. “One last vial…” She thought to herself. It’s all she needed to heal Cadmael and restore him to full health.

The guards had taken Jessen and put her in the guard tower holding jail cells.

Sitting in the Inn on an early morning the group sits around a table eating their meal. Missing Supporting: Spiros to what turned out to be an early morning walk. An older gentleman walked in to the Inn, covered in heavy plate armor and a sword at his side, he approached the group and introduced himself as Dunn, a friend of Jessen, he explained to them what had happened and asked for their assistance to help get her out of jail before Paramar guards came to get her.

Agreeing, the Orders Front set out to save her, after Kerin made a stop at Cazartavis’ Svens’ house for a small talk and an attempt to sell some swords.

Utilizing a mist spell obtained from Cazartavis’ the group decided to use it to break Jessen out of jail and sneek her out of Paraous City bringing her to New Port.

After spending the night in New Port the group encountered Mayor Grayer Bansit, the mayor of New Port. He asked them to do him a favor and investigate New Port Woods with claims of villages disappearing and one making it back (Who remained unconscious) the villagers were completely lost and needed help.

Traveling through the woods they discovered a sleeping green dragon who introduced himself as Charamatis. The dragon communicated with the group and told them that there was a Necromancer, and told them that he was to blame the villagers disappearing. Charamatis offered the group a deal where they would deliver the necromancer to him and he would leave the village and help them into the Necromancers hideout, on the condition that they return his “Shiny shard” as he described it.

Agreeing the group agreed to the hunt. Venturing through the necromancer tomb they touched the shard and ended up in a dream world where they later realized was The Past. Kerin instantly recognized Lucas and approached him and his companion who was introduced as William.

As the Orders Front traveled through Vares Forest they eventually just vanished back in to the Necromancer Tomb. Moving back up to the surface they approached Charamatis once again.

Charamatis welcomed the group and was happy that they remembered to bring the Necromancer to him. After giving the shard and the necromancer to Charamatis he told that they he wanted to make a “slight modification” to their deal and laid down and went back to sleep. The group decided to leave, making their way out of the woods.

Arriving back to New Port Charamatis began to fly over the group and began to tell that that he was there to collect on the “modification” saying that he was hungry, Charamatis explained that he wanted to eat “someone” before he flew back to the mainland. The group began to threaten the dragon to convince him out of it, not hearing it Charamatis swept down and grabbed Spiros, in a rage Kerin began to chace Charamatis and throwing Ice Beams at him. The ice beams continued to hit, one after the other but Charamatis didn’t seemed overly bothered. He began to fly up out of range laughing at Kerin, As Charamatis flew off Spiros dropped his bow and was taken away by Charamatis.

In anger Kerin went back into the house of Mayor Grayer Bansit who had lent the group the use of his house. Cadmael and Dunn went to see the mayor to inform him of the situation, thankful they awarded them. Soon after the two returned to the house to look for Kerin only to find the mayors house had been half destroyed and iced over in a fit of rage.

Kerin, no where to be found Cadmael chased after her. Searching through the town and New Port Woods it was only in the Necromancers Tomb did Cadmaelfinally find where Kerin had gone. It was made obvious by the massive amounts of ice and snow in the tomb. Cadmael traveled through the Tomb in an attempt to find her. After facing his fears of the dark he finally saw her, Kerin sitting alone in the Necromancers old chambers, the floor and walls completely iced over. He approached her and began to talk to her, telling her that some times, even when you do the right thing bad things still happen, he gave her his Melora Seashell necklace and told her that he was there for her. The two ended up leaving the tomb together and returned to the mayors house (Where Dunn had been cleaning and thawing the ice).

The group slept the night in the house and began to set out back to Paraous City to finish the task that Boraks had given them to earn favor with him and the Merchant Sellers, leaving Jessen behind in New Port the group finally began to set off, only to run into Alexander who had been given a letter by a man for Kerin. Taking the letter, the group left New Port and arrived back in Paraous City.

Walking back into the city they began to notice that there was a heavy increase in Paramar guards. They began to overhear that there was a crack down on the local guards.

Getting back to the groups inn of choice they saw Anna and Aramys sitting at a table, they came up to them and began to speak only to be interrupted by young halfelf who introduced herself as Leta, a rogue who was on a mission to get an Amulate to gain access to the Fey Elf city of Ireth Allanar for a man she named as Support: Bryce Trayneth, a collector (and trader) of artifacts. Reluctantly, after hours of discussion the Order group finally came to an agreement to assist Leta in her task, but only after they finished up their business in town.

On their way to the Dark Forest the group ran into a young female, an Elf, she introduced herself as Yurin. The girl was running from some little Gnarls, easily dispatched by Kerin and her frost magic, they spoke with the young elf who instantly took a liking to Cadmael. The group carried on to the Inn in the Forest.

At the Inn they discovered a great deal of things, a Mage from the Mages Circle named Surea Alkinheart. She was interested in “The Others” and how they worked. After a long rest they group decided to delv back to their original task of finding the key to the Fey City, Ireth Allanar. Venturing down the tomb they had once been in, the group found a very large lady with some marks on her. The marks belonged to a strange group that Dunn Carrodus had found to be some what interesting, these marks (Although discinigrated) supported rumors of a extremest order in Paramar rumored to be ran by one of the high priests of Paramar.

They had done it!

The group had ventured into the dark tomb once again in the Dark Forest. They began

The fall of High Paladin Amit Trant

The rescue of Xander

The tracking of Yurin Arbordale

The trip home and the quest to save… the dragons!?
The group had come across a help wanted poster outside of the Inn in Breglad. The Ander Party had requested some strong adventurers for a task that they needed help with in the Bre Mines. The group decided that the coin from the task could easily be worth the political crap that came witht he job, if the gold was right that is.

Upon arrival at the mines, the group found a young bard named Lillian, she agreed to help them at the cost of being able to skin any animal they find for her leather working. venturing through the Bre Mines with the Orders Front they explored the mines together, finding a Chimera and killing it. Upon the next chamber, finding a pair of baby red dragons, instead of attempting to kill the dragons off Kerin and Leta decided that they would move in to try and save them.

Not ending well for Leta as she almost died to one of the dragons who decided they hated her. Lillian aided them in their trials, especially after being jumped by some hooded men just outside the mine. Lillian is very interested in this group of adventures.

The group finished it’s long task, but instead of returning to Breglad, our adventurers now wait at a small hut that Kerin had prepared.

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