Domas Forest

Domas Forest is also some times refered to as “The Pixie Forest” by the locals who know the area.

The forest is famous for pixies flying around causing problems. Not many people travel through it because there is nothing other than Domas Fort around the area, which is a secret to everyone but The Order of the Piercing Light.

The forest has no built path but does have a slightly defined path where others have walked upon. Many twists and turns as well as some frightening animals live with in the woods.


The Orders Front passage through the forest

When passing through Kerin and Spiros Thalenen discovered a group of pixies that didn’t give much of an answer to their questions. It seems that their tree had been cut down and they were left wondering in an area unfamiliar to them.

Kerin promised the Pixies that she would return to restore the tree and help the Pixies after they had returned from the Cynder Abby of Pelor.

Upon the groups return, Kerin found that it seemed the Pixies had been killed. Being angered she vowed to find the one responsible for it and the group attempted to cross a boundary of magical trees created. Upon failing and getting hurt the group decided they would have to come back once they had discovered a better method.

Domas Forest

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