Breglad is a larger sized town for what is normally found on the Cynder Isles. It is made mostly of wood with some stone.

Breglad is mostly a crafting and logging town. The towns logging is done in Bre Wood and their mining is done in Bre Mine.


When looking at the town

The town is made mostly of wood, large wooden walls surround the town. Wooden bases sit along the streets with stone walls sitting in the wood to create the walls of houses. The town has a great deal of small houses for the towns miners and loggers.

Breglads streets have a few shops, craftsmen making goods and warehouses filled with materials to be exported.

Politics of Breglad

It’s fairly well known to the locals that Breglad is in a power struggle between two parties. The Merin Party and the Ander Party. The two parties are in a back and forth about what they want to do with the town.


Citizens of Breglad are often described as “fake” often spreading rumors and embellishing truths about things to get a greater and more entertaining story.


The town make up is mostly comprised of humans, although some elves live with in the city, most choose to leave due to feeling targeted by the fake attitude put forth by its human inhabitants.


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