The Fall the Light

The Capture
Alexanders Journal, The search for Anna

It was early morning when Portis Doomhammer came to get me, I wasn’t sure why; he gruffed a bit and told me to “Hurry up”. I quickly gathered my things and placed my armor on, usually when Portis gathered me in this manner it meant I would need it.

We walked through the stone halls of Domas Fort and came in to Saris’ room. In front of me there with Asavari, Sydney Carter, Trinity “It” Goodberry and Kerin. Saris was planning something that Protis wanted me to be apart of…

He explained his thoughts and his plans on creating offensive units with in the Order of the Piercing Light, up till this point we had barley been surviving, attempting to build our numbers… but the day had finally came where we would attack.

Saris went on to explain how the regular food supplies had stopped coming from the Fairweather Farm. My thoughts instantly ran to Supporting (Deceased): Arland and Ghea and Supporting: Anna. It had been a few years since I had gone to see them, but I became very worried. I suddenly wanted to go with this group very much.

Upon arrival

After arriving at the Fairweather farm I discovered the bodies of Supporting (Deceased): Arland and Ghea by the pond in the back. Enraged, but calmed by the rest of the group we went in to the main house only to find Bandits attacking Anna, we quickly fought the bandits off but one seemed to have survived, Asavari wanted to question him, I don’t remember much about what happened, I mostly remember everything in a red tint.. mostly a blur. I remember someone speaking of torturing the bandit we had captured.

In that moment it seemed like the world around me froze, I thought to myself for what seemed to have been hours. I did not want this man to get off for what he had done to Anna for free… but to torture him? Who were these people, Saris or no other would ever agree to such a thing…

In that moment I began to doubt the people I was with, I tightened my sword and plunged it into the mans heart killing him. Asavari was enraged, I walked out her her to bury the dead. It seemed like she didn’t even notice
Quil showed up and gave some very sad news on top of what we had already discovered…

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