The Fall the Light

Adventures in New Port
Adventures in New Port

Amit Trant is dead. I expect it will be some time before anyone in Paramar learns of this fact. Let us pray they do not learn I had anything to do with it, or they will turn their attention towards our small band of resistance.

Ah, yes. The group. It has been several weeks since my last entry. I met them after seeing Jessen arrested. They seemed to be in her debt, so I thought they would want to know. After meeting with several merchants around town, as well as a old elf wizard, the halfing, Kerin, used her magical abilities to sneak Jessen out of the prison tower. We escorted her south to New Port, and made camp near the fountain there. I mean, really, what kind of village doesn’t have an inn?

The next day, the Mayor of New Port asked us to look into some disappearances in the woods next to the village. Always glad to help out, I agreed.

I remember thinking the forest was a rather dark place, which is humorous to me now after the events that followed. We spent several hours exploring the paths between the trees (some with bark as hard as iron) before we literally stumbled upon a sleeping dragon.

Rogue's Handbook Page 3
Leta's Journal

Bit by a stupid werewolf! Ugh now if I don’t find a cure looks like we’ll have to invest in a stock of dog food. At least the groups willing to help me with this. Decided I’d stay with em’ they seem like the good sort.

Sparkler’s a bit quiet but shes there when you need it, Elf is reliable even if it seems like Avandra screws him over every turn she gets, and Sir Shiny Pants is pretty alright for a lawman. Not everything’s a flask of sunshine though.

Everything’s changing and for once I don’t know how to feel about that. I don’t think I know how to deal with this many what ifs. I mean sure I go with wherever the wind blows me and all that fun but this is so much different. People are dying even more than before, but they’re also fighting more so that’s good…I think. I wanted this right? To strike a blow against them. For people to rise up and stop shitting their pants around the Paramar’s, but I don’t feel as happy as I should about it.

Nothing makes any damn sense anymore.

Bomb Shells and Bed rolls
Cadmael's reaction to Yurin's letter

A letter? All she’d left was a letter?

Cadmael tossed in his sleeping bag as he thought it over. He knew he couldn’t really expect more; after all, he’d barely known the girl. He hadn’t known she was the daughter of her peoples ruler, either. Regardless, he still felt he was owed more than a simple, short letter, especially with all that it contained.

It wasn’t her elevated position that surprised him the most, it wasn’t that she’d returned to her father, when she was previously running from him, it was the “token of their love.”

Cadmael had tried to play it off to the other members of group, but inside he was far from certain how he’d react. He’d never even considered the possibility of this with Yurin, especially after the nights he’d spent with Verisiel in the past, with nothing to show for it. Then again, he hadn’t considered the possibility of finding another partner since Verisiel, either.

All he knew was that he had to find Yurin, despite what she said in the letter, and talk to her. Despite his lack of concern to the others, Cadmael didn’t want to abandon the child, and especially not the mother, but how could he stay with them and let Paramar defile the memory of Melora?
How could he leave them to fight against Paramar, knowing the risks involved? He knew how close they’d been to trouble in the forest. If the High Paladin had been a little less proud, had he had anyone else with him, he might not have had the opportunity to spend the nights sleeplessly.

All he knew was that even if he had to go alone, he had to find Yurin.

From the Offices of House Trayneth
A return letter to Letta

Walking in to the Inn in Two Rivers just days after sending the letter off to Bryce, you are looked at by the Innkeeper. He signals you to the back room where a wooden table sits in a dark room with only one candle on it. A quill sits on the table and a sealed envelope with the seal of House Trayneth on it, sealing the envelope in a large wax binding.


Dear Leta

My name is Arnold Vigganer, I am the liaison for House Trayneth and those attempting to come in to contact with them. It would do you well to learn how to write and speak to the lords that govern your lands.

I have taken what you have written and translated it in to words fit for Lord Tryneths’ ear.
You have been asked to meet in 3 days time in the northern grove in the Dark Forest. It is House Trayneths pleasure to do business, but as you know; many of these transactions must be kept secret.

For your quick work, House Trayneth has allotted an additional 5,000 gold to you for your services, making your total payment 25,000 gold.

You will see a representative of House Trayneth in the grove. he will conclude our business with you.

Thank you,

Arnold Vigganer

A letter to Bryce
From Leta


I found your piece of scrap in the tomb like you said, but I really would have appreciated some warnings about the damn monsters that might be guarding it. Anyways I’ve got your jewelry and if you want it just tell me when and where so we can both get what we want and be done with this.


Days in Paraous

I’ve finally made it to the capital of these islands. These past few months, avoiding the Paramar army, it’s nice to be surrounded by something other than trees and farms. The city itself seems like most other cities. Bright, shining buildings owned by men with more loyalty to money, and dirty backstreets overflowing with the people they take it from. Paramar paladins control the streets, though thankfully, they don’t seem to recognize me.

I’ve started building contacts here in Paraous. I’ve learned there is a fairly powerful Merchants guild run by two men, a dwarf named Boraks, and a human named Trevon. I have been able to hear a few rumors about a resistance movement called Order of the Piercing Light. I have no idea where they are located. It seems unlikely they are in the city.

I met another potential ally today. A young girl namedJessen. She is some kind of doctor, although I don’t know where she would have gotten medical training. She doesn’t seem like she would have the cash to enroll in a university. She is friendly though, and knowing someone who can tend to wounds is never a bad thing.

Rogue's Handbook Page 2
Leta's Journal

Well getting that key went off without a hitch. Wish I could say the same for the rest of the night. Those folks clearly weren’t the type for skulking around. I went into the warehouse to look for any signs of that shipment, didn’t find it. Found some other lovely dirt they could use though. The elf had the funniest confusion on his face when I walked up from the alleys after I found the secret passage.

Now that they’ve got that settled let’s hope they’ll be free to help me with this business with Bryce. Or con depending on how it turns out. I’ve learned some interesting bits of information. Turns out we share certain views. It may have shocked the Paladin. That’s always fun. I think they may be more useful than I originally thought. I guess we’ll see how this business with the amulet goes.

Hopefully we find the piece of scrap without a hitch.


Rogue's Handbook
Leta's Journal

Looks like Avandra finally decided to throw some luck my way. Some wizard girl I ran into a while back showed up at the tavern today and I actually managed to get her and her crew to agree with helping me find that damn amulet. Took a bit of talking though.

I don’t think they trust me, which just makes them smart . They’re even worse about Bryce, and honestly I’m starting to see where they’re coming from. I think I should try to find out more about the brat before I consider handing him this thing. I’m not sure I trust them fully either. I’m certainly not telling them everything yet. They’re rather morally concerned and yet somehow they got involved with the Merchant Sellers. Figure I could help with that so they’ll be able to help me sooner. I promised to get them the key to a shipment coming in.

At least I’ll get to have some fun with that.


Discussions in the Dark
Journal of Cadmeal

The tunnel was dark. It was terrifying, despite having been through here before. There’s nothing above, there’s nothing above, there’s nothing above. As many times as Cadmael repeated it he couldn’t shake the thought from his mind that there was something lurking on the roof, invisible above him. He touched the seashell on his necklace, a reminder of Melora’s blessings. At least the snow underfoot told him he was heading in the right direction. Follow the snow, and nothing will drop on you.

Cadmael rounded the corner to come upon a relative blaze of light. Relief almost overcame him, as much from finding Kerin safe and sound as from the ability to see again.
Kerin looked upset, though. ‘Stupid, that’s to be expected.’ Falaren though. ‘Of course she’s upset, you idiot. Oh Melora, what do I say? I’ve never been one for great council to the bereaved.’

“Wanna talk about it?” Kerin remained silent. ‘IDIOT, IDIOT, IDIOT, of course she doesn’t!’ He sat and patted her on the shoulder, “If you just wanna sit, that’s fine too.” ‘Great, now she probably thinks I’m making fun of her.’

Kerin finally spoke, voice unsteady. “I tried to do the right thing. I didnt want anyone to get hurt, but it’s all ruined. I have no idea what these gods or Aspects or Orders want me to do anymore. There’s too much going on and now I feel like I’ve lost everything.” Finishing, she broke into tears again.

“Sometimes there is no right thing, you just have to do the most right thing. You did what you could. You helped a lot of people.” He’d known the tragedy of thinking you made the wrong choice before.

“Sometimes picking the most right thing is difficult, and it’s only harder to see the path after we’ve done what we can. Especially when we took the better path, and it leads to dark paths.” He took off his necklace, playing with it as he spoke to Kerin. ‘Why am I talking about the dark? The dark is terrifying. I’m rambling, oh Melora, give me the words.’

His eyes glanced to the shadows dancing around the ends of the room as he continued speaking, “But that’s because it’s hard to see the paths we didn’t take. Often they’re darker than the ones we see, but we don’t know it. We just have to have faith.” He held up the shell, remembering how he came to follow the Goddess.

He looked over the shell again, and offered it to Kerin, :“In case you need to remember that sometimes dark paths aren’t the darkest.”

The halfing took the necklace, stating “Let’s just go get this merchant business done so I can go home I guess.”
Cadmael climbed to his feet to follow her, ‘Melora, I don’t know if I’ve done anything useful, but we’re moving again. Guide us on your path, and light our way,’


I’ve done. By Pelor, I’ve done it! While the rest of Ash company was getting themselves tanked, I was only pretending. By the time they fell into their tents, a dragon could have slithered by and they would still not have noticed. Still, I took precautions. I stuffed my bedding with grass, so it looks like I’m still there. I made sure to wrap my armor to limit the noise. With any blessings, they won’t notice until they are ready to move out.

I guess I will head south. I’ve heard rumors that some kind of resistance movement is based in these isles. I guess that’s probably why we…they are here. I do hope Trant doesn’t punish the others too severely.

I hope I’ve made the right choice. Pelor forgive me if I haven’t.

- Dunn


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