Supporting: Jessen


Jessen is a healer with Avandra, she was found at the Temple in Paraous by Spiros, after asking for her help to heal Cadmael Falaren after his near death wound from the Tomb in the Dark Cynder Forest.

She began to heal him.

Jessen was caught going back in to the Temple of Avandra and was put in jail, her friend Content Not Found: null sought out the Orders Front and with their help they released her. Successfully healing Cadmael Falaren at this point the group felt that rescuing her from Paraous City and the guards after her was the least they could do.

The group took Jessen to New Port and began offering her services to Supporting: Mayor Grayer Bansit to assist in healing a unconscious girl.

The group set out leaving her behind. When they returned Jessen was in the mayors house waiting for them, Kerin stormed in the house, after having just lost Supporting: Spiros Thalenen (Deceased) Kerin was in a rage and began destroying the house. Jessens attempt to calm her resulted in Kerin threatening to kill her. Jessen ran out of the house and inn to the woods for fear of her life.

No one knows what has become of Jessen, the party decided to leave her behind and she has not returned to anyone’s knowledge.

Supporting: Jessen

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