Supporting (Deceased): Arland and Ghea

Unnamed Fallen Heroes


A little older then the photo shown in this picture. This is the only way you really know Arland and Ghea, it’s the photo that was over their fireplace in their house, when they were younger. Anna now keeps it with her and places it in her room at Fort Domas.


Arland and Ghea are farmers from the Cynder Isles. Their daughter Supporting: Anna is the only surviving relative after the massacre at their farm.

From what information can be made out, a few weeks prior to the massacre at Fairweather Farm a witch showed up with some bandits and kidnapped Anna.

The witch, attempting to impersonate Anna the witch was trying to get the location of Fort Domas out of the Farmers. In a failed attempt the witch had summoned her Bandits back and had slaughtered Arland and Ghea.

As our adventures came in to the farm house to find a woman they believed to be Anna, resucing her and sending her back to Fort Domas with Quil Arland and Ghea were buried by Alexander and put to rest.

Supporting (Deceased): Arland and Ghea

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