Portis Doomhammer

The Nobel Prince


black beard
short hair tied in to pony tails gold and silver armour
Wields a mace and a shield
Middle aged for a dwarf.


Portis is the foarmer prince of Doomhammer Forge, after the invasion of Paramar the forge was destroyed, dwarves were slaughtered and many fled. Protis was not at the Forge when Paramar invaded and to this day it is something he lives with that causes a great burden on his mind. and causes him great pain.

Portis is a member of the Order of the Piercing Light now, he fights for the freedom of his people and for the freedom of all of Carla, he seems to have a mentor type personality and is very over protective of Alexander for some reason.

Portis was a representative to other provinces in the name of his father.

Protis is 110 years old and was very respected among his people as a good man.

Portis Doomhammer

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