Lillian Tatsen


Long Black Hair with curls
She wears a corset of Barrel design
Violin in one hand with a bow in the other. Rapier at her side.
Very attractive (easily a 10/10)


Lilian is a beautiful bard female who is in the town of Breglad. She was separated from her own adventurer group a few months ago and has been staying in town ever since.

She has become fairly well liked among the townsfolk for the aid shes given, using her master leather work skills to create goods and complete services as well as countering bandits and wild animals that have posed a threat.

You meet her at the Bre Mines where she is attempting to come up with a plan to stop the recent troubles.

Venturing through the Bre Mines with the Orders Front they explored the mines together, finding a Chimera and killing it. Upon the next chamber, finding a pair of baby red dragons, instead of attempting to kill the dragons off Kerin and Leta decided that they would move in to try and save them.

Not ending well for Leta as she almost died to one of the dragons who decided they hated her. Lillian aided them in their trials, especially after being jumped by some hooded men just outside the mine. Lillian is very interested in this group of adventures

Lillian was asked to create a trophy by Kerin. She is now tagging along with them, using her master leather worker skills.

Lillian Tatsen

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