King Jaravar Durth

King of Paramar


In his 60s
Blonde hair going grey/white


Leader of Paramar, his throne sits in Paramesium atop the Shining Spire.

He was tricked in to starting the war that now plagues all of Carla by High Lord Darian Adarian. To save face and enjoying the out come he continued the campaign, successfully invading all of Carla.

Although the king, he has no heir to take over his throne. Which will lead High Lord Darian Adarian to take his seat, according to the rules once the King has died if his blood heir does not claim the throne with in one year then the seal binding the kings bloodline to power will break. Allowing for Darian to take the throne.

Jaravars’ wife Support: Queen Sophia left 15 years ago, taking Jaravars’ only son and heir with her. Due to this betrayer Jaravar has become paranoid that everyone will betray him and generally uses death as a punishment for most crimes.

Jaravar as depicted by his people, sitting on the Shining Seat over the corpses of the demon bodies of those who are not of Paramar.


He has ordered statues erected of himself in all cities has has taken over. His soldiers wear purple or white. This signified their paladin-hood with in Paramar.

King Jaravar Durth

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