Kerin Underbough

The Melting Heart


A Halfling
Blonde Hair


Female Halfling who is often very happy.
Kerin had a relationship with Spiros for awhile after running into him on their way to Vatars cave. The two quickly fell for each other and had an instant bond.

Over their travels Kerin was always very happy. A little worried about her grandmothers lack of writing (Tiff) Kerin continued to push on through out her parties adventure.

Kerin would often help those who needed it. While traveling through Domas Forest she encountered some pixies who were in desperate need of help, in a time crunch Kerin decided that she would have leave them and return.

After her adventures Kerin finally made her way through to New Port where she encountered a dragon who called himself Charamatis, striking a deal with the dragon to complete a task she returned. Lying about their deal Charamatis grabbed Spiros and flew off.

Kerin blasted into a fit of rage.

Later on, as time passed Kerin had for sure changed into a colder more hardened person. Slowly regaining some of her joy Kerin descended into that Dark Forest where she helped protect the Inn in the woods.

Eventually returning to Paraous City the group received a letter from Bryce Trayneth to meet someone from his House. Upon arrival on the meeting spot the group found High Paladin Amit Trant who managed to take down both Kerin and Leta in combat but was eventually defeated.

Kerin Underbough

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