Aspect: Keeala

Aspect of Resurgence


Slightly Transparent with a white/blue tinge (In first meeting)
Human Looking
Blonde/Brown Hair
Long hair


A tall human looking spirit you saw in the dark cave on the Cynder Isles.

Her voice resonates through the halls as if it echos in your mind like a divine being while speaking.

She tells you about an ancient world where the greatest of wizards today were considered the weakest of her time. Are these powers a danger to this world? Could they be harnessed to use against Paramar?

She told you about Aspects, telling you she was one The Aspect of Resurgence.

The thank you to Kerin

After the death of Spiros Keeala decided that she would return, using a great deal of power to bring Spiros back for a moment to he could say goodbye properly.

Her gist was rejected by Kerin, after both Keeala and Spiros vanished, Kerin dropped the stone in disgust and left the room. Cadmael took the stone off of the floor and now carries it with him.

Aspect: Keeala

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