High Paladin Terian Morris

The Political Mastermind


Long Blonde Hair
Seen in light plate armor
Blue fabrics on armor

Pretty, but serious look, Often describes as “Natural” looking


One of the High Paladins of Paramar.

She is known as a very fast and powerful warrior, she uses one very long sword and uses her other hand to maintain balance.

Terian is often said to be the rival of High Paladin Rufus Varius. They were from the same year and often would tie at tasks. Although Terian held their “rivalry” as something real, Rufus never really thought of it in that sense.

Terian was designated the caretaker of Car’tie. She was charged with the task of clearing out some of the more “difficult” areas, that the armies cannot march through.

Terian, although powerful will generally travel with a small group to complete her tasks. When not venturing or exploring in the difficult areas Terian can generally be found in the midlands of Car’tie.

Terian has a knack for political play and will often attempt to use it. She believes that this is where she can best Rufus and finally win their rivalry.

What Dunn knows

-Fast, strikes with precision
-Uses long sword
-Designated to clean out “hard to reach” areas in Car’tie
-Travels with small group
-Very political

High Paladin Terian Morris

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