High Paladin Rufus Varius

The Prodigy of Paramar


Slender build
Definition, caused from long training
Muscle forcibly built through training and diet
Reddish brown hair
Fair skin (Caucasian)
Covered with seals of House Varius


Originally sent to Barrel to lead the campaign Rufus has been seen traveling over the continent.

Rufus is the youngest member of the High Paladins, Orignally brought into the rankings of the Paramar Paladins by his father at the age of 14, he had studied previously for years privately but he was finally put with all of the other children that were to become paladins. Rufus quickly rose up through the ranks of the Paladins becoming one of their most skilled members. He is slightly younger than Terian.

His fathers pride of his sons position is not a secret in Paramar.

Rufus now travels around Carla dealing with paladin business.

Rufus has been often described as calm and understanding. It is a belief among those in Paramesiums inner circle that Rufus is not lawful enough to Pelor and King Jaravar to be a member of the High Paladins, and that he disagrees with the war going on.

What Dunn knows

-Youngest High Paladin
-Has heard rumors of his disapproval of the war
-Rufus travels around Carla for Paladin related business, knowing that he could pop up anywhere.
-Rufus’ general relaxed attitude, which is off putting to Dunn because it’s so odd.

High Paladin Rufus Varius

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