High Paladin Priscilla Armond


“The Ender that is what they call her." – A quote heard by a men in a Barrel Inn.

Priscilla Armond is known as one of the most lawful and powerful High Paladins. She is one of the greatest forces that Paramar has at it’s disposal.

Priscilla walks with a massive mace that is nearly larger than her own body. The maces magical proprieties allow it to chain into a more flail like weapon.

Priscilla came from little means, a minor noble house from the outskirts of Paramar. She joined the Paladins when she was young. She is often described as cold and calculating, while her loyalty to Pelor is only rivaled by her loyalty to House Durth.

Priscilla lead the assault on the Alabaster Gates, a place designated as “An ancient holy ground”. Priscillia now fights on the front of the Forodan Mountains, the beasts in the valley and the small attacks of other creatures. Priscilla has recently been rumored to of been traveling some where, corasponding with Rufus and the late Amit Trant prior to his death.

Although rare for Priscilla to ever move away from action, she is calculating enough to know when she needs to pull out her bureaucratic side.

What Dunn knows of Priscilla – Repeated information

-Would have knowledge of her weapon and her ferocity in combat.
-Would be aware that she is one of the strongest Paladins and probably not a good idea to attempt combat against her until much stronger if the option arises.
- Comes from a small noble house of low means and wealth from outskirts of Paramar
-Joined Paladins at young age
-Lawful to Paramar
-Extreme Loyalty to King and Pelor
-Assulted Alabaster Gates (Dunn would find this almost offensive slightly and probably part of the reason he’d want to leave the Paladins)
-Would know that she is located at Forodan Mountains (Would have no reason to believe she isn’t there still)

High Paladin Priscilla Armond

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