High Paladin Aurelian Bennett

AKA The Ender of Freedom


Appears to be 40-50 year old
Blonde hair, slightly going white
Larger, buff build
Slightly tanned skin
Large silver armor with gold trim


High Paladin Aurelian Bennett aka “Aurelian, the ender of Hope”

Aurelian is one of the oldest members of the High Paladins, he lead the original military campaign across Carla and that is where he obtained his name. Although he did not lead the assult on the Alabaster Gates, it is believed that his religious views are what stopped him from taking arms against it, allowing High Paladin Priscilla Armond to take charge. Eventually Aurelain took over and lead the campaign north, further into Car’tie while High Paladin Priscilla Armond continued the campaign into Forodan Mountains.

Aurelian came from a no named family and rose quickly, he values hard work over a family name and the rumors say that he “hand chooses his inner circle”.

Aurelian is known to be a powerful Paladin, very rough exterior. Aurelian has little desire for political advancement or anything that has to do with politics. He is a devout follower of his gods, both Pelor and Earthis.

This Dunn would know*

-Oldest Member
-Lead original assault (As written above)
-Didn’t lead the attack on Alabaster Gate, would know of rumors.
-Aurelian continued the campaign into Car’tie
-Came from a no named family
-Follower of Pelor and Earthis
-Wields a two handed sword
-Very powerful
-Received his title “The ender of Hope” by slaughtering any who got in his way.

High Paladin Aurelian Bennett

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