High Paladin Amit Trant (Deceased)

The Blur of Light


Average height
White hair
Wears less armor then a typical paladin would be expected to wear


Amit Trant is the High Paladin in charge of the campaign on the Cynder Isles. He originally landed come to the island and set up at Cynder Isles Paramar Landing Point.

Although he has sent much of his army away he is a permanent residence of Paraous City.

Amit has been described as a blur of white light in battle. He moves faster than most paladins and uses only a long sword. He imbues himself with magic so he can rely mostly on his natural speed and agility while still gaining the much needed benefit that heavy armor would normally provide.

Major events

Ruins of Balen Village

High Paladin Amit Trant (Deceased)

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