Daraboran Blue Tooth

The Spear of the Order


Large build
blue scales
Heavily armoured in ritualistic looking gear
Carries a large spear with clear magic proprieties, it glows blue when he grips it.


“Fekiikiri moxt ir, si mi daraboran” He says to you as he first speaks to you, you’ve seen him around the halls of the fort before, but he’s never spoken to you. He’s the commander of the strike forces that the Order creates.

As you walk in to Saris’ council chambers you see him standing there looking intently at you.

Daraboran is the Commander of the teams used to complete tasks in the Order. He is a intimidating dragonborn who comes off scarier than he actually is.

Knowing that he is apart of the resistance brings some natural comfort to you.

Daraboran Blue Tooth

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