Boraks Steelhammer

The Crafter of the Merchant Sellers


Boraks is in charge of the Merchant Sellers crafters. he is the one who can award seals to crafters as a sign that the crafter is of superior quality.

Boraks Steelhammer has a Blacksmith with a shop attached in the Highend Housing District in Paraous.

He can usually be found at his Forge crafting weapons. He will be important to having the Merchant Sellers align with the Order.

Boraks is an older Dwarf, he is said to be once a great adventurer but gave up the life to begin crafting marvelous weapons. Around Paraous City he is known as a good and trusting man who sells quality goods. He’s turned down many applicants who attempt to sell their wares off as “quality” when they are poor, giving him a good reputation among the merchants as a trust worthy dwarf. He comes off as very cold and hardened until you begin to get to know him.

Boraks Steelhammer

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