Aspect: Allionia

Aspect of Earth and Temperance


Allionia (Ally-on-a) is the Aspect of Earth, Nature and Temperance. She is known as one of the most strong willed of all of the Aspects. seldomly going against her original word Allionia battles fiercely with a bow and staff.

Allionia is said to be the keeper of the gardens of Da’Carla and watcher of the forests. Allionia is often depicted as a small female riding a giant white stag with great horns in to battle wielding a bow in one hand and a staff in the other.


Allionia is in love with Aspect: Cerna. Cerna’s obsession with Vincent causes their “relationship” to be hard, Cerna often treats Allionia poorly and will always leave her to spend any time with Vincent. Dedicated and deeply in love with Cerna, Allionia’s normal attitude and personality of being a temperate woman changes to becoming very passive.

Aspect: Allionia

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