The Fall the Light

Village Search

Adventures in New Port

We headed into the village proper, feeling the sting of defeat even as we accomplished our goal. We informed the mayor that his troubles in the woods were put to rest, then headed towards the house that we were staying in.

Kerin was obviously very upset about the death of Spiros. I had not spent much time with the elf, but I gather they were close. Cadmael and I entered the squat building to see much of the interior covered in ice and frost. The furniture had been smashed or knocked to the floor, and Kerin was no where to be seen. We decided to split up and search the village, but I could not find a trace of the halfing (I’ve never been great at tracking). I headed back to the house to clean up as much as a I could.

After an hour or so, Cadmael and Kerin returned. I went to greet them, when suddenly a light burst into the room and a glowing, floating woman appeared. From within her stepped the spectral form of Spiros. He took Kerin’s hand, kissed it, then disappeared. Kerin seemed to be rather insulted, and I can honestly say I have no idea what that was about.



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