The Fall the Light

The Deal Gets Worse

Adventures in New Port

I’m still not sure what happened, but Cadmael and Kerin think it was some kind of glimpse into the distant past. They mentioned something about Aspects, but I had never heard of anything like that before.

Not sure how long we had been gone, we decided to get back to Charamatis with the necromancers body as quickly as possible. Thankfully, it was still light outside as we slid the corpsicle across the forest floor.

The wyrm seemed almost pleased to see us return, which was unsettling to say the least. He asked Kerin if she had recovered what was his. She handed over the mirror shard, to the surprise of everyone else. He then said that he was altering the deal slightly, and immediately curled up and went back to sleep. Not knowing what else to do, we headed back to the village to let them know about the necromancer AND the dragon in their midst.

But as we reached the edge of the forest, the thunderous sound of dragon flight appeared behind us. Charamatis swooped low over our heads, then turned to face us. He demanded a snack for all of his hard work. We refused, which may not have been the smartest idea. He opened his great jaws and produced a sound like boulders falling off a cliff. Laughter. He rushed straight for us, as we dodged out of the way. I saw his terrible claws clasp around Spiros and haul him screaming into the sky. Kerin and Cadmael both cast spell after spell in his direction, while I shouted lame curses towards the cruel beast. Charamatis wheeled in the air and sped off to the south, as Spiros’ bow fell to the ground.



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