The Fall the Light

I'm not a Thief!

Really, I'm not!

The next morning, after saying goodbye to the mayor and Jessen, we headed back to Paraous City. We still had a few days to complete the mission either Traven or Boraks had given us. I thank the gods that I was not born into a merchant family. As far as I can tell, all they do is look for ways to stab each other in the backs.

Before we departed, Alexander, another mercenary who had help the group, came to deliver a letter to Kerin. We then headed north back to Paraous City. As we came to the city, there was an obvious increase in Paladin activity. Apparently, a prisoner had escaped recently.

We returned to the inn we had stayed at previously, and as I was exhausted from the day before, I went to my room to sleep. When I awoke, we had acquired another adventurer by the name of Leta. A beautiful, young, half elf woman, who by her own admission was talented in getting to things others did not want gotten. A deal had been struck for her to help us find the financial records Boraks wanted in exchange for our help in finding an artifact in the woods to the north.

That night we gathered at the docks near Traven’s warehouse. After waiting for several hours for the shipment to show, Kerin decided to use her magic to help Leta sneak into the offices. Kerin returned shortly after with records proving that at the very least, Traven was pocketing gold that should have gone to his workers. She also found a sword that was addressed to Boraks. We hoped the evidence was enough and returned to the inn.

The next day, we met with Boraks, only to discover that his shop had been broken into. As it didn’t appear there was anything we could do at the moment, we turned over what evidence we had gathered and Cadmael and Kerin requested for his support against Parmar. I could tell he would have like a little more evidence, but was still grateful enough to agree to their terms.

We then gathered what supplies we would need to find Leta’s missing artifact in the Dark Forest.



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