The Fall the Light

Goblin's & Weddings

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I woke this morning with little memory of yesterday. Last thing I remember is doing battle with a Chimera. The group tells me we fought men in strange robes and a small dragon. Oh, and Kerin now has a dragon as a pet?!

Anyway, we headed back to the mine office and got paid a decent sum of gold. Then we had to decide how to get to this fort the Order is based out of. To take the faster boat for gold and smuggle a dragon. We decided it would be safer to walk.

Along the road, we came across two wagons, and two men arguing. After calming them down, they told us that they had been set upon by a “small army of goblins”. They said the leader, a spellcaster, had put a curse on three of their companions, sending them to an wakeless sleep.

We tracked the villains to a small opening. The goblins had holed up in some kind of underground structure. And when I say holed up, I really mean set up an ambush. The damn goblins fireball us! Luckily I had my shield up and ready, but not everyone else was. Kerin almost dropped straight away. It took us a bit of fighting, but other than one vile creature who escaped, we killed them all.

We claimed the items on their filthy altar, then led the missing horse back to its owners. But when we arrived, two of the three people who were asleep had tied up the merchant who had wanted to leave them there. They had weapons to his throat, and looked like they wanted to kill him. We had to calm them down again, before releasing the merchant, who then ran into the forest. The coward.

We then began our trek toward Domas Fort, home of the Order of the Piercing Light. We arrived just in time for the wedding of Alexander and Aramys. We found them preparing in a small cottage. Cadmael and Kerin caught up with their friends while Leta, Xander, and I made small talk with other guests.

The ceremony took place in a small grove beneath a large bent tree. A dwarf with a hammer oversaw them, while Cadmael and Kerin served as attendants. Just after he pronounced them married, several voices rose from the back. And screams. Paramar Paladins rushed in from the back and started slaughtering guests.



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