The Fall the Light

Another Day, Another Forest

Dark Forest of DOOM!

The Dark Forest. The very name is used to threaten children to behave. I had heard stories, but only half believed them. If I knew then what I know now, I would have thought twice before treading those shadowy paths.

Almost immediately after passing the edge of the trees, the light was so dim I had to light a torch. It was a good thing we did, or we would have missed the young elf girl running from a pack of twisted gnarls. The gnarls died quickly, but the girl was still very tense. Until she noticed Cadmael that is…

It was rather adorable how awkwardly she flirted with him. She introduced herself as Yurin, and said (after some confusion on both sides) that she was on the run from her father. She couldn’t say where, just that she wanted to hide.

As we were near the inn we would be staying at, it was decided that she could travel with us until she found what she was looking for.



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