The Fall the Light

A Window to the Past

Adventures in New Port

As we searched the necromancers inner sanctum, we found a secret compartment in an evil looking alter at the back. Inside was a shard from what looking like a silver mirror. As Kerin picked it up to inspect it, we suddenly realized we were not indoors anymore.

We were at the edge of a small glade, in a forest less dense than the one outside the tomb. Understandably we were confused by our quick shift in surroundings. By the edge of a small pond were two boys, still in the early teen years. Surprised by our sudden appearance, they demanded to know who we were and how we got there.

Kerin, again with a unique boldness, greeted the blonde haired boy as if she knew him. She told a story of meeting him in a dreamworld, where he was searching for something. They did not know what she was talking about, but seemed to be satisfied that we were not an immediate threat.

They introduced themselves as William and Lucas, and that we were in the Vares Forest near to the Tower of Cerin. They suggested we head there to figure out what kind of magic brought us there, and more importantly, how to get back.

Leading us through the woods, we came across a traveler that had been torn to shreds. William set off to track those responsible, as our group followed behind. Finding a small camp (and what looked to be the travelers head on a spear) filled with some kind of small goblin-like creatures, we discussed for several minutes about how to approach the situation, before eventually trying to talk with them.

The idea proved fruitless, however, as they quickly tried to rob us, forcing us to kill them all. After looking through the camp for any other prisoners, we left through the gate, and found ourselves standing back in the necromancer’s lair.



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