The Fall the Light

A quick note

Musings and ramblings

I haven’t a lot of time to write this, so I’ll keep it brief. Alexander asked me to be his best man, and I want to ask around about Saris before the wedding.

We’ve returned home. Well, home for two of us. Not as many of the original group that went out with us have come back at the same time. At least a few people got back before us. Alex, obviously, Asavari and a few others. Not everyone, though. Still, nice to see my room again.

Alex gave me a shiny new set of armour. A perfect fit, it’s incredibly well ornamented. It must have cost him a fortune. It’ll be strange, standing there as the only one armoured. Then again, I generally find it strange being at weddings. It’s been a while. Should be nice though, I do still like them.

Things to do; more later.



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