The Fall the Light

A Dragon's Deal

Adventures in New Port

A dragon. I’d heard some of the older Paladins talk about facing them in battle. While not immediately aggressive, this creature still gave me pause.

It had scales of bright green, fading to a darker color around its face. It was curled up around some kind of orb. I also learned that the fearless reputation of halflings is well earned, as Kerin quickly walked up to the beast and introduced herself. They talked for some time in the dragon tongue (about what I do not know), before shifting to common.

The dragon, who called itself Charamatis, claimed he was being pestered by a necromancer. He insisted that this necromancer was responsible for the disappearance of the townsfolk, and that he had trapped him in his lair. Kerin explained that she had made a deal for us to enter this lair and bring the necromancer back to Charamatis. The dragon would then leave the village alone and return to his own horde.

As the saying goes, it does not appear possible to disagree with a dragon who is in front of you. We found the lair quickly and descended into it’s blackened depths. Seeing the foul touch of black magic everywhere, we slew what unholy abominations we came across before confronting the necromancer himself. He put up a fight, but was hardly a match for the four in our party. Kerin then encased his body in ice for transport back to the dragon.



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