The Fall the Light

A quick note
Musings and ramblings

I haven’t a lot of time to write this, so I’ll keep it brief. Alexander asked me to be his best man, and I want to ask around about Saris before the wedding.

We’ve returned home. Well, home for two of us. Not as many of the original group that went out with us have come back at the same time. At least a few people got back before us. Alex, obviously, Asavari and a few others. Not everyone, though. Still, nice to see my room again.

Alex gave me a shiny new set of armour. A perfect fit, it’s incredibly well ornamented. It must have cost him a fortune. It’ll be strange, standing there as the only one armoured. Then again, I generally find it strange being at weddings. It’s been a while. Should be nice though, I do still like them.

Things to do; more later.

Rogues Hanbook Page 5
Letas Journal

The damn Paramar really can’t let anyone be happy can they? We made it back to that order just in time for them to slaughter an entire wedding part just about. I grabbed the red haired girl and got out as fast as I could. I wish I could have helped, but there wasn’t any hope. It’s funny I remember criticizing that attitude right before I left home.

Speaking of Paramar turns out Dunn sir shiny pants was one. I think a year ago I might have just thrown a knife in his throat hearing that confession, but he’s good people. I know he is and I trust him so no knives for him.

Goblin's & Weddings
Not related

I woke this morning with little memory of yesterday. Last thing I remember is doing battle with a Chimera. The group tells me we fought men in strange robes and a small dragon. Oh, and Kerin now has a dragon as a pet?!

Anyway, we headed back to the mine office and got paid a decent sum of gold. Then we had to decide how to get to this fort the Order is based out of. To take the faster boat for gold and smuggle a dragon. We decided it would be safer to walk.

Along the road, we came across two wagons, and two men arguing. After calming them down, they told us that they had been set upon by a “small army of goblins”. They said the leader, a spellcaster, had put a curse on three of their companions, sending them to an wakeless sleep.

We tracked the villains to a small opening. The goblins had holed up in some kind of underground structure. And when I say holed up, I really mean set up an ambush. The damn goblins fireball us! Luckily I had my shield up and ready, but not everyone else was. Kerin almost dropped straight away. It took us a bit of fighting, but other than one vile creature who escaped, we killed them all.

We claimed the items on their filthy altar, then led the missing horse back to its owners. But when we arrived, two of the three people who were asleep had tied up the merchant who had wanted to leave them there. They had weapons to his throat, and looked like they wanted to kill him. We had to calm them down again, before releasing the merchant, who then ran into the forest. The coward.

We then began our trek toward Domas Fort, home of the Order of the Piercing Light. We arrived just in time for the wedding of Alexander and Aramys. We found them preparing in a small cottage. Cadmael and Kerin caught up with their friends while Leta, Xander, and I made small talk with other guests.

The ceremony took place in a small grove beneath a large bent tree. A dwarf with a hammer oversaw them, while Cadmael and Kerin served as attendants. Just after he pronounced them married, several voices rose from the back. And screams. Paramar Paladins rushed in from the back and started slaughtering guests.

Another Day, Another Forest
Dark Forest of DOOM!

The Dark Forest. The very name is used to threaten children to behave. I had heard stories, but only half believed them. If I knew then what I know now, I would have thought twice before treading those shadowy paths.

Almost immediately after passing the edge of the trees, the light was so dim I had to light a torch. It was a good thing we did, or we would have missed the young elf girl running from a pack of twisted gnarls. The gnarls died quickly, but the girl was still very tense. Until she noticed Cadmael that is…

It was rather adorable how awkwardly she flirted with him. She introduced herself as Yurin, and said (after some confusion on both sides) that she was on the run from her father. She couldn’t say where, just that she wanted to hide.

As we were near the inn we would be staying at, it was decided that she could travel with us until she found what she was looking for.

I'm not a Thief!
Really, I'm not!

The next morning, after saying goodbye to the mayor and Jessen, we headed back to Paraous City. We still had a few days to complete the mission either Traven or Boraks had given us. I thank the gods that I was not born into a merchant family. As far as I can tell, all they do is look for ways to stab each other in the backs.

Before we departed, Alexander, another mercenary who had help the group, came to deliver a letter to Kerin. We then headed north back to Paraous City. As we came to the city, there was an obvious increase in Paladin activity. Apparently, a prisoner had escaped recently.

We returned to the inn we had stayed at previously, and as I was exhausted from the day before, I went to my room to sleep. When I awoke, we had acquired another adventurer by the name of Leta. A beautiful, young, half elf woman, who by her own admission was talented in getting to things others did not want gotten. A deal had been struck for her to help us find the financial records Boraks wanted in exchange for our help in finding an artifact in the woods to the north.

That night we gathered at the docks near Traven’s warehouse. After waiting for several hours for the shipment to show, Kerin decided to use her magic to help Leta sneak into the offices. Kerin returned shortly after with records proving that at the very least, Traven was pocketing gold that should have gone to his workers. She also found a sword that was addressed to Boraks. We hoped the evidence was enough and returned to the inn.

The next day, we met with Boraks, only to discover that his shop had been broken into. As it didn’t appear there was anything we could do at the moment, we turned over what evidence we had gathered and Cadmael and Kerin requested for his support against Parmar. I could tell he would have like a little more evidence, but was still grateful enough to agree to their terms.

We then gathered what supplies we would need to find Leta’s missing artifact in the Dark Forest.

Village Search
Adventures in New Port

We headed into the village proper, feeling the sting of defeat even as we accomplished our goal. We informed the mayor that his troubles in the woods were put to rest, then headed towards the house that we were staying in.

Kerin was obviously very upset about the death of Spiros. I had not spent much time with the elf, but I gather they were close. Cadmael and I entered the squat building to see much of the interior covered in ice and frost. The furniture had been smashed or knocked to the floor, and Kerin was no where to be seen. We decided to split up and search the village, but I could not find a trace of the halfing (I’ve never been great at tracking). I headed back to the house to clean up as much as a I could.

After an hour or so, Cadmael and Kerin returned. I went to greet them, when suddenly a light burst into the room and a glowing, floating woman appeared. From within her stepped the spectral form of Spiros. He took Kerin’s hand, kissed it, then disappeared. Kerin seemed to be rather insulted, and I can honestly say I have no idea what that was about.

Rogue's Handbook page 4
Leta's Journal

Well Sparkler has a pet dragon now, and it’s in my cloak. I guess it’s cute, I just hope it’s not as bitey as its brother. We should be heading back to the order now. Not sure how any organization with order in its name will like me but we’ll see.

Oh and we found some pyromaniac sorcerer tied up. He seems nice enough. A little strange though. His cats cute at least. Between it the dragon and the rat we might be able to start a traveling petting menagerie at this rate.

The Deal Gets Worse
Adventures in New Port

I’m still not sure what happened, but Cadmael and Kerin think it was some kind of glimpse into the distant past. They mentioned something about Aspects, but I had never heard of anything like that before.

Not sure how long we had been gone, we decided to get back to Charamatis with the necromancers body as quickly as possible. Thankfully, it was still light outside as we slid the corpsicle across the forest floor.

The wyrm seemed almost pleased to see us return, which was unsettling to say the least. He asked Kerin if she had recovered what was his. She handed over the mirror shard, to the surprise of everyone else. He then said that he was altering the deal slightly, and immediately curled up and went back to sleep. Not knowing what else to do, we headed back to the village to let them know about the necromancer AND the dragon in their midst.

But as we reached the edge of the forest, the thunderous sound of dragon flight appeared behind us. Charamatis swooped low over our heads, then turned to face us. He demanded a snack for all of his hard work. We refused, which may not have been the smartest idea. He opened his great jaws and produced a sound like boulders falling off a cliff. Laughter. He rushed straight for us, as we dodged out of the way. I saw his terrible claws clasp around Spiros and haul him screaming into the sky. Kerin and Cadmael both cast spell after spell in his direction, while I shouted lame curses towards the cruel beast. Charamatis wheeled in the air and sped off to the south, as Spiros’ bow fell to the ground.

A Window to the Past
Adventures in New Port

As we searched the necromancers inner sanctum, we found a secret compartment in an evil looking alter at the back. Inside was a shard from what looking like a silver mirror. As Kerin picked it up to inspect it, we suddenly realized we were not indoors anymore.

We were at the edge of a small glade, in a forest less dense than the one outside the tomb. Understandably we were confused by our quick shift in surroundings. By the edge of a small pond were two boys, still in the early teen years. Surprised by our sudden appearance, they demanded to know who we were and how we got there.

Kerin, again with a unique boldness, greeted the blonde haired boy as if she knew him. She told a story of meeting him in a dreamworld, where he was searching for something. They did not know what she was talking about, but seemed to be satisfied that we were not an immediate threat.

They introduced themselves as William and Lucas, and that we were in the Vares Forest near to the Tower of Cerin. They suggested we head there to figure out what kind of magic brought us there, and more importantly, how to get back.

Leading us through the woods, we came across a traveler that had been torn to shreds. William set off to track those responsible, as our group followed behind. Finding a small camp (and what looked to be the travelers head on a spear) filled with some kind of small goblin-like creatures, we discussed for several minutes about how to approach the situation, before eventually trying to talk with them.

The idea proved fruitless, however, as they quickly tried to rob us, forcing us to kill them all. After looking through the camp for any other prisoners, we left through the gate, and found ourselves standing back in the necromancer’s lair.

A Dragon's Deal
Adventures in New Port

A dragon. I’d heard some of the older Paladins talk about facing them in battle. While not immediately aggressive, this creature still gave me pause.

It had scales of bright green, fading to a darker color around its face. It was curled up around some kind of orb. I also learned that the fearless reputation of halflings is well earned, as Kerin quickly walked up to the beast and introduced herself. They talked for some time in the dragon tongue (about what I do not know), before shifting to common.

The dragon, who called itself Charamatis, claimed he was being pestered by a necromancer. He insisted that this necromancer was responsible for the disappearance of the townsfolk, and that he had trapped him in his lair. Kerin explained that she had made a deal for us to enter this lair and bring the necromancer back to Charamatis. The dragon would then leave the village alone and return to his own horde.

As the saying goes, it does not appear possible to disagree with a dragon who is in front of you. We found the lair quickly and descended into it’s blackened depths. Seeing the foul touch of black magic everywhere, we slew what unholy abominations we came across before confronting the necromancer himself. He put up a fight, but was hardly a match for the four in our party. Kerin then encased his body in ice for transport back to the dragon.


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