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Beneath the rules that we follow by are listed below as well as the prologue to the story.
Feel free to brows the Wiki for information as well as look at the character section.


The people playing in this campaign are very dedicated to creating a fun atmosphere. We are accepting of all types of people. Please be aware this campaign does have mature content and we ask that players be aware of this. (We like to describe it almost like a Game of Thrones type environment). At the end of the day we just want everyone to have fun!

Types of people we’re looking for,

We’re looking for people who are heavily interested in role play.

The idea is that after each session everyone fills out an adventure log as if it was a journal update from what their characters know and build a world and a community together that embraces all aspects of the game.

If you’re interested in seeing more about the world then check out the Wiki Page.

Joining or making a new character with The Fall of the Light

Understanding Rules

The chosen edition is 4e. Although we do homebrew some things. Please understand that. The GMs word is law. Feel free to point out mistakes and inconsistencies but do not rule lawyer the GM or your stay here will be short lived. Discussions of how something works or bringing up points is more than welcome. Feel free to ask questions regarding a rule or why the rule the way it is.

The ultimate rule over any roll or rule

Story first. Nothing, and I mean nothing will break major plots. Such as rolling a nat 20 on a god and expecting it to die or fumble something important. Destroying a temple that is required for major plot or anything along those lines. It’s important to know this. Because attempting to purposely derail things for just the sake of disruption will end up poorly.

Picking a race

Picking a race in this campaign is important. You must meet a few requirements. The race must be SRD (From a legit Wizards source). The race must also be one that fits in to the story in some way. Obvious races, such as minotaurs or vampires do not. If you’re unsure but want to play a specific race then ask the DM. Just understand you may be told no.

Most ideal race list
- Dwarf
- Eldarin
-Half Elf
- Tiefling (That has a lower demon percentage, Eg you look very human with a tail and horns)

Picking a class

Well any class from SRD is available to you, it’s important to understand party composition. For this campaign 4 players is what has been chosen by both the DM and the party so one Defender or defender like, one healer and two DPS (Striker, controller. ect) are optimal.

Your characters history

There is a wiki that is fairly large and always being worked on. Feel free to ask questions for more information and to get to know things better! Other players can also offer great insight.

Picking an alignment and deity

Deities are only available from the core 4e pantheon that is linked below.


Alignment is very important. This is a good campaign. The only three acceptable alignments are “Good, Lawful Good & Chaotic Good” Please be aware of this.

The Gm keeps track of good and bad deeds. Changing alignments will result in a level loss.

Rolling stats

All of your stats begin at 10. You have 20 points to allocate (no diminishing stats). 20 points can go in to any attribute but no attribute can go over 18 prior to your racial bonuses being calculated. Once your 20 points have been allocated to where you desire you may then place your racial points in granting you a max of 20 in a single stat. Then you add your level bonuses. At the start of the campaign everyone was level 5, granting them 2 attribute points that must be allocated to two separate stats. This puts the max that a stat can possible be up to 21.


You’re allowed any non-magical gear of basic quality. A player coming in to the campaign will be given magical items to start based on what the party has so they will be at/near the same level.

In the beginning times the seven provinces lived in peace and in balance with each other. Paramar, the predominantly Human kingdom invaded the other kingdoms through secrecy and deception. By blocking trade routes, planting bandits and other deceptive techniques Paramar set up easy access points to all of the kingdoms.

Paramars ruler King Jaravar with the aid of High Lord Darian Adarian slowly took over the northern provinces. Expecting no resistance from The Kingdom of Saranan, Saranan attacked Paramar in defense of the other 5 provinces. King Jaravar, taking his most precious of possessions The Sun Staff, decimated the entire province turning it in to a barren waste land known as the Desert of the Lost King today.

As Paramar slowly invaded the northern provinces, Barrel was the first and fastest to fall, the lush green forests and the beautiful architecture; With their kingdom in disarray due to the kingdoms was no match for the paladins of Paramar and Barrel fell to Paramar with no retaliation or attempt to stop them. Paramar instantly continued their march north and took over one kingdom after another.

It’s been 15 years since this the initial attack, Kingdoms are occupied fully by Paramar soldiers, their churches and their citizens all make homes all over. Farms produce food for the capital of Paramar now instead of their homes.

Paramar to this point has insured the safety of those places they occupy, but they enforce curfews, new laws and less freedom. They are taught that by occupying the other provinces they are spreading their blessings and that they are doing a service to the other citizens.

Over the past 10 years the Cynder Islands have been home to a group known as the The Order of the Piercing Light, an Order dedicated to the removal of Paramar forces from the continent of Carla.

The newest force is being placed together, a small group, you are apart of one of seven groups that is tasked with the freeing of Paraous City.

The Cynder Islands was the last stop in the Paramar occupation campaign, the cities are not as filled with Paramar occupants, the city is more lax and there are not as many churches and temples to their extremist sects of gods. But with less order, the city has Paramar guards who would abuse the power they’ve been given, taking bribes and treating the citizens as slaves; Paraous has fallen in to chaos. The Order has decided that the freedom of Paraous City is the most important thing they should focus on, preparing small groups to infiltrate and disrupt the Paramar forces, the end goal is to free the City from Paramar control.

You are one of those chosen to fight against Paramar forces, to deal deadly strikes in order to free the city. The elder Saris is in control is Domas Fort, a cliff side fort that runs in to the mountain range and runs underground, Domas Fort is the head location for the Order of the Piercing Light and is where you currently make your home.

You’ve woken up, it’s the second season of the year, Greengras in its second month, Kythorn; It is the tenth day, the cold weather has just subsided and birds are beginning to chirp, The Cynder Islands are temperate climate during the first, second and third seasons of the year; Only in the fourth season does it become cold enough to bring worry.

It’s early morning, you had just come back from a standard sweep of the fort grounds to insure no one from Paramar has discovered you, Sentries were all in their places and nothing had seemed disturbed.

As you walked on the ground the fresh grass crunched under your feet as it thaws from the cool weather that had only left recently. The trees are covered in leafs already and birds begin to chirp, animals wander the areas freely and you live at peace with them. You arrive back at Domas Fort, a fort that was literally carved in to the side of the mountain, the Shardmind named Saris is the elder here, he commands the resistance and has lent the Order of the Piercing Light many things he once called his own, he seems very old but you don’t really know too much about him. You walk back in to the Fort and go immediately to your room to get a bit more rest before your general routine guard duty. You walk back and go in to your room, you see a letter with the Orders seal on it sitting on your night stand. You are curious for a moment, you hadn’t been gone long? What was it?

“Please Report to my council chambers within one hour of your return.



The Fall the Light

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